Dinosaur Quiz #3

1. Name the American dinosaur whose name means “plated lizard.”

A) Stegosaurus    B) Camptosaurus   C) Centrosaurus   D)  Heterodontosaurus

2. Which was the first long necked, long tailed (sauropod) dinosaur to be discovered?

A) Diplodocus   B) Brachiosaurus   C) Cetiosaurus   D) Titanosaurus

3. Which of the dinosaurs listed below is not a therapod (meat eater)?

A) Barosaurus   C) Allosaurus  D) Tyrannosaurus   E) Ceratosaurus

4. Ornitholestes was a small carnivorous dinosaur. Its name means

A) Bird Friend   B) Whip Tail   C) Rapid Runner  D) Bird Robber

5. One of the smallest known dinosaurs was

A) Camptosaurus   B) Compsognathus   C) Camarasurus   D) Sauropelta

6.”Brontosaurus” was named improperly due to the absence of certain bones when first discovered. The new and correct name for this dinosaur is

A) Camptosaurus    B) Apatosaurus   C) Diplodocus    D) Brachiosaurus

7. Which dinosaur, found in China, was 72 feet long and had an amazingly long neck of about 33 feet?

A) Mamenchisaurus   B) Datousaurus   C) Omeisaurus   D) Shunosaurus

8. The scientist who gave dinosaurs their modern name was

A) Richard Owen   B) Gideon Mantell   C) William Buckland  D) Othneil Marsh

9. The first dinosaur to have its skeleton mounted was

A) Megalosaurus   B) Hadrosaurus  C) Edmontosaurus   D) Plateosaurus

10. The horned dinosaur which has no horns is

A) Triceratops  B) Torosaurus   C) Protoceratops   D) Dacentrurus




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