Dinosaur Quiz #2

1. Which horned dinosaur’s name means “spiked lizard” and has spikes protruding from its neck frill?

A) Pentaceratops   B) Styracosaurus   C) Centrosaurus    D)Ornitholestes

2.Africa’s best known plated dinosaur (similar to Stegosaurus) is

A) Kentrosaurus  B) Africanus  C) Troodon  D) Indosuchus

3. In the famous “Bone Wars” the competition was between Othniel Marsh and

A) Barnum Brown   B) Dong Zhiming   C) Gideon Mantell   D) Edward Cope

4. The only carnivorous dinosaur that has a horn is

A) Ceraosaurus    B) Monoclonius    C) Centrosaurus   D) Triceratops

5.  Many plateosaurs were found in

A) Hawaii   B) Italy  C) Ireland  D) Germany

6. Meat eating dinosaurs are often referred to as

A) Ornithopods   B) Excavors  C) Carnosaurs  D) Sauropods

7. A scientist that digs up dinosaur fossils is known as a

A) Archaeologist   B) Paleontologist   C) Botonist   D) Biologist

8. Ouranosaurus is very similar to and considered to be a relative of

A) Iguanodon  B) Apatosaurus  C) Allosaurus   D) Coelophysis

9. The name “Oviraptor” means

A) Oval Shaped   B) Odd Lizard   C) Egg Thief   D) Swift Runner

10. The duckbilled dinosaur “Edmontosaurus” was found in

A) Florida   B) Mexico  C) Australia  D) Canada




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