Dinosaur Quiz #1

1. What was the first dinosaur to be named in modern times?

A) Diplodocus    B) Megaalosaurus   C) Apatosaurus   D) Hylaeosaurus

2. What is the longest dinosaur tht has been fully excavated and prepared for display?

A) Iguanodon    B) Titanosaurus   C) Maisaurus    D) Diplodocus

3. Which dinosaur was the heaviest?

A) Vulcanodon   B) Allosaurus   C) Brachiosaurus   D) Polacanthus

4. What was the first dinosaur to be fully described?

A) Iguanodon   B) Cetiosaurus   C) Edmontosaurus   D) Polacanthus

5. Which of these four dinosaurs was found in India?

A) Hypsilophodon   B) Ankysosaurus   C) Coelophysis   D) Dravidosaurus

6. What is the name of the dinosaur that has a bull-like head?

A) Gigantosaurus   B) Carnotaurus   C) Avimimus   D) Barosaurus

7. What is the most popular of the flesh eating dinosaurs?

A) Acrocanthosaurus     B) Kenrosaurus   C) Tyrannosurus   D) Dromeosaurus


8. Which dinosaur’s name means “ostrich-mimic”?

A) Avimimuis   B) Struthiomimus   C) Gallimimus   D) Dilophosaurus


9. Which is the most popular of the horned dinosaurs?

A) Pentaceratops   B) Monoclonius   C) Triceratops   D) Chasmosaurus


10. Coelophysis was found in a mass burial at Ghost ranch Quarry in

A) New Hampshire   B) New Mexico  C) New Zealand    D) North Dakota



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