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Evidence of a Global Flood

God has communicated with us in three separate ways: through the Creation, through the Scriptures and through Christ His Son. In Genesis, the first book of God's written revelation, we are provided with important information not only with regard to the creation of the heavens and the earth, but with regard to the early years of earth life. Among the great and important events listed there is the account of a world wide flood, which has been historically referred to as Noah's Flood. It was acknowledged by the founding fathers of modern science, almost all of which were believers in Creation and in the Bible as God's revelation, that the thick layers of sedimentary rocks, which compass the earth, were here by means of Noah's Flood.

By and by a vast apostasy began to spread through Christiandom. This included the undermining of Jesus Christ as God's Son and Savior of the world and the reliability of the Scriptures as God's written revelation.

For many who were looking for a means of getting away from the authority of the Church and from various tenets of New Testament Christianity, it became important to them to have an alternative explanation for the origin of the earth and of life on the earth. The promoters of the idea of evolution toiled to come up with acceptable mechanisms which would make their case convincing. In addition to this, they were frustrated by the fact that scientists in general considered the earth to be relatively young. The evolutionists knew that if evolution actually had taken place, that it would have been a slow and gradual process involving millions of years of time. By tracing the years allotted to the genealogy of Christ, theologians had come to accept a general date of the beginning of the earth at about 4,000 plus or minus years, B.C.

Consequently it was important for the evolutionists to establish a new age for the earth in the millions of years. This was a accomplished by the work of a lawyer named Charles Lyell, who wrote the book Principles of Geology . In this book he disregarded all of the evidences of Catastrophism which are to be found all over the earth, and focused his readers attention on the slow and gradual rates at which sediments are eroded in the present. He made the case that the slow and gradual erosion rates could be extrapolated backwards and thus prove that the earth was millions of years old. In a relatively short period of time, his idea, uniformitarianism, permeated the academic community. By and by it was accepted as the New Geology. Consequently many Christians who were intimidated by this new scientific evidence accepted the idea that the sedimentary layers with their fossil content actually represented millions of years of time. In order to maintain their faith in the Scriptures, they concluded that Noah's Flood was a local flood involving only the area of Mesopotamia.

In this seminar, Dr. Baker shows through ancient literature and many paleontological and geological evidences that the sedimentary layers could not have been developed slowly and gradually. He demonstrates the point that the sedimentary layers developed very rapidly and show themselves to be the products of the great global flood referenced in the book of Genesis.

It is obvious that if there was such a global flood, and that we are here, then there must have been some survivors. Those who survived would have told their children and grandchildren of this momentous event. By and by this great account would have spread through the generations of the growing family of man. It is important for us to recognize that this great flood is not mentioned in the books of the Bible, but in more than 372 cultures of the world.

"The ancient Egyptian account is unique in that it states that the Flood occurred on the same day as that documented in Genesis. 'With the Deluge tradition the Egyptians connected the commemoration of the dead.... This ceremony was observed on the 17th day of Athyr, which corresponds to the date found in the Mosaic account of the Flood.'" (John Urquhart, Modern Discoveries and and the Bible, p. 175)[From The Real History of Dinosaurs ] 

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