Creation Science Seminars


Dinosaurs of Creation

For many years in the public schools evolutionary theory in the textbooks was directed primarily toward high school and college students.  The primary and elementary schoolchildren did not receive much evolutionary propaganda.  However, as a result of the popularity of dinosaurs, many primary and elementary teachers are now including dinosaur units as part of their study.  This inevitably brings in the theory of evolution and the concept of millions and millions of years.  The subject of dinosaurs has become a genuine source of  frustration for Christian parents.  The kids love to read books on dinosaurs, but most of these books are written from the evolutionary point of view.  This seminar, The Dinosaurs of Creation, traces the history of dinosaurs from the Creation to the present and shows how they fit in earth history in a way that is compatible with both science and scripture.  Dinosaurs are shown to be primary members of God's original Creation and that they did not become extinct 65 million years ago.  Historic references are quoted from both scriptures and secular accounts which show that dinosaurs lived for a considerable length of time after the worldwide flood.