Dinosaurs through Time, pt 3

                                                                                                         By Mace Baker 


Troodon or “Wounding Tooth” was named by J. Leidy in 1856.


Like Iguanodon, this dinosaur was also named from a single tooth. Since the 1800’s, this

dinosaur has been thought to have been a lizard similar to Megalosaurus, Stegoceras, and

Hypsilophodon. New material found in Alberta in the 1980’s shows that Stenonychosaurus was

the same animal as Troodon. It was a meat eater with hollow bones, scythe-like claws on the

feet, and grasping fingers on the hands. Its large eyes were spaced widely apart, but faced partly

forwards. It had long slender hindlimbs with shorter forelimbs. Each foot had three toes, two of

which bore large claws. The second of these claws was especially prominent and may have been

held upward when this small dinosaur was moving rapidly. However, the sharper, hook-like

claws on its three fingered hand was larger than that on its foot. It had a comparatively large

brain (about 1.6 oz.) with very large eyes (about 1-3/4” in diameter). Its long, thin tail was

without any stiffening tendons. Troodon had a long, narrow head with closely spaced teeth

which were saw edged and triangular in shape. Each side of the upper jaw contained as much as

25 teeth. Each side of the lower jaw contained 35 teeth.


Hadrosaurus or “Sturdy Reptile” was named by J. Leidy in 1858.


The first dinosaur skeleton named in North America had a long, flattened jaw and snout, similar

in appearance to a duck’s bill. The body, however, was very reptilian. Somewhat similar in

shape to Iguanodon, Hadrosaurus had longer hind legs, shorter forearms, and a long tail. The

spine of the back was strengthened by a mass of reinforcing rods. Eventually, many other

duckbill dinosaurs were uncovered in North America. They were given the family name of






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